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NXT Spider1 Bot
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Spider1 is a simple 8 legged walker built with NXT controller, motor and sensor.
The purpose of this robot was to build it farily compact, and provide a platform to experiment with different leg setups. This robot walks only straight. The sensor on the front was not necessarily needed, but helped to make the robot look more like a real being. It would be easily possible to extend the bot and use 2 motors so that it can also turn, and also add more sensors and develop a more sophisticated behavior. If you spend time on it, please let me know the outcome. Thanks!

  • January 20, 2007: uploaded Spider1 building instructions
  • March 5, 2007: updated building instructions (minor changes and 40% smaller PDF file size)
  • April 29, 2007: updated building instructions (added cabling to images)

  • Images

    Left Side View Right Side View Top View Bottom View
    Left Side View
    Right Side View
    Top View
    Bottom View

    Building Instructions

    Building instructions for this robot is available in PDF format bellow. Download size is about 2.3 MBytes. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to see and print the instructions.

    Download Spider1 Building Instructions in PDF Format
    (2.3 MB)


    The program for this robot could hardly be any simpler. The only motor drives all 8 legs. If the legs are set up properly, as detailed in the building instructions, the robot will walk straight forward. Using the ultrasonic sensor on the front the robot stops when it is any closer than 5 inches from an obstacle.

    For sake of simplicity, the program was implemented in NXT-G.

    NXT-G program for Spider1
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